Metaphysical Ministry of Canada


Appointed the Canadian Representative in March 2016 for the International Metaphysical Ministry including the University of Metaphysics & the University of Sedona

University of Metaphysics

University of Sedona

International Metaphysical Ministry


The Bancroft Centre for

Awakening Spiritual Centre


We are  registered through the Marriage Office of Ontario as a Metaphysical Centre to provide marriage rites/ceremonies.  Rev Rita Marie teaches Metaphysical Ministry Classes and the centre has the ability to ordain it’s own Minister.

Metaphysics is an academically speculative philosophy. As we teach metaphysics, it is spirituality based on decades of spiritual psychology consciousness research. It is a philosophy which honors all religions, spiritual paths, faiths and beliefs.


Due to Summer Holidays we will resume gatherings October 2016

2 Alice Street Bancroft Ontario

side door

 Time 10:30 am till 12 noon

Bancroft Spiritual Centre was founded by Rev Rita Marie Browning.

The Centre is made up of several individuals who play a vital role in making it a welcoming place for a multitude of spiritual paths as we respect each one through learning and understanding.

Bancroft Spiritual Centre is a non-judgemental place of love where all people can feel safe exploring their spirituality.

We provide ministry and education for our members, friends and the community through our example and our services, based on the principles of Metaphysics.

The Centre is a Metaphysical Centre that is open to all.

Please drop in and join our gathering of like minded people who share the Love of God.


See Special Speakers for guests visiting with us at the Centre.