April 5 2018 UP DATE

April 5 2018 Up Date

October 2018 Convention

The Convention is starting to take hold and getting exciting.  I would like to take this time to share with you some of the Ministers with us that will be guest speakers.  The day and times will be posted once all the speakers are in place.  They will speak in the Metaphysical Ministry Room.  These speakers will have time slots on the Saturday or Sunday. 

Do not forget there are other rooms that you can attend at the convention. 

Please register by clicking below at the special price for the whole weekend including your lunches and dinner and party Saturday night 

Remember this is the first time the Metaphysical Ministry of Canada and our  Ministers  have been invited to join the CHC.  Help spread the word and make this ministry proud.  I look forward to seeing you  there.

Why come to a Hypnosis & Metaphysical Conference?
Do you enjoy sharing all things that you do and find no one understands? Here are some reasons why you would have such a great time at the conference. 

I love to exchange ideas and concepts with others where they are not just listening politely but are quite interested in hearing about our exciting profession. 
I have learned some of the best ideas in a hallway conversation or over lunch.  
Networking and getting to know each other. Finding an instant friend and colleague that stretches beyond the Conference. 
Learning new techniques, concepts, styles and systems. 
Going home renewed, refreshed, and with a new enthusiasm for what you do and for your clients. 
Sign up now and get all these outstanding workshops and topics for half price.  
Pick out your costume for our Halloween Party.  Let loose and have fun.
We welcome speakers from our Ministry.  As you will read below, bios on the guest speakers we have already.  I am looking for at least 6 more speakers.  You will get a discounted price of 99.00 plus HST and you will be able to enjoy all the talks and meals.  Please forward a picture, small bio and topic that you would like to share with us all. 

Please send you topics to revritabsc@gmail.com

Tim Jones

Rev Tim Jones

Read more about what Rev Tim will be talking about.


Rev Rita Marie

Read more about Rev Rita 


Rev Lisa Dales

Read more about Rev Lisa Here

Tim Jones

Rev Tim Jones

Read More About Rev Tim Jones Here

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