Metaphysical Ministry Training

Metaphysical Ministry Qualifications

Ministry classes are taught through the Meta Spiritual Teaching Centre.


The Spiritual Facilitators are Rev. Rita Marie Browning and Rev. Lisa Dales.

We use gotomeeting ( a virtual classroom ) for the main classes.  We also have a two day Marriage and Ceremony of Life class which is held in class.  (location is Apsley, or Lakefield Ontario)

These are the following courses that must be completed before registration with the Ontario Government is applied for.






Metaphysical Ministry Course

6 Weeks @ 1 hour on line class starting October 2019
Cost of $450.00

Topics included but not limited to

Metaphysics Philosophy
The Bible and Metaphysics
World Religion




Pastoral Care Course

4 Week 1 hour on line 
January 2020
Cost of $150.00

Topics included but not limited to

Pastoral Care and Ministry
Dealing with communication


Celebration of Life Course

9 Week 1 hour on line class starting in February 2020
Cost $500.00

Topics included but not limited to

Religious Ritual
Belief Systems around Death and Dying
The funeral industry as a Business
Writing the Eulogy 

Marriage Class

6 weeks @ 1 hour on line
Class April 2020
Cost $350.00

Topics included but not
limited to

Government regulations and Rules
Filling in Government Documents
Preparing a Marriage Ceremony 



These two days will be a weekend class that must be attended to pass 

In Class Dates
Cost $150.00

June 6th  2020

Preparing a Marriage Ceremony and doing a Mock Marriage


In class Dates
Cost $150.00

June 7th 2020

Creating and Delivering a Eulogy

Anyone wishing to become a minister with this Centre, having taken no Ministry classes will be required to take all the above courses. 

We do take into consideration any ministry classes that have been taken and graduated from.  

University of Metaphysics and University of Sedona graduates are required to take the Marriage Class and Ceremony of Life before they can receive their Government License.  


Please email for further information