Mentoring Avatars Rev. Dan Davison


Dan Davison

Mentoring Avatars

Written by Rev Dan Davison

After about 9 weeks, I have finished the Manuscript of Mentoring Avatars.  My intent-of-heart is not particularly focused on “marketing” the book as I believe those who need, feel, are inspired or fully connected spiritually will find what they need.  The urgency in my heart is for them to “feel the energy” rather than embrace another idea or concept.

Please put it out as you wish and see fit (or not).  I believe those who read this will know if they are called toward bringing Heaven to Earth as we all stand together.

Probably mistakes in the book and typo’s but I am not worried or concerned.

I am also content if people print, distribute, give, share or take parts from the book.  It clearly does not belong to me and I wish it to float to any heart that needs this now.
Click on link to read his book.  I know that you will enjoy his writing.

 Mentoring Avatars