Thank you for considering sharing your experience.

In order to make informed choices, we invite you to tell us 1) What topic you'd like to present;  2) Your experience in the area; and, 3) What new knowledge the participants will take home. 

Please make sure you also Register for the Conference.

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We couldn't do this without our Volunteers. We rely on you to help the day be successful. Let us know what days and times you'd be available, and if you have any disabilities we should take into consideration, 

Please make sure you also Register for the Conference.

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and Email Us Here.



This is the first year we've offered Vendor Tables on the Saturday evening and we invite you to Email Us Here with your proposals.

There will be a cost of $20.00 for the table.  This helps us cover the cost of the room for the evening. 

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The registration fee is only $225.00 this year, which includes a hot lunch on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Saturday night and admission to all talks and seminars. Hotel guests are also provided with a hot breakfast.

Once you register with us, we send you an invoice which can be paid by e-transfer to our office via

or you can use your credit card, for which we 

include the 3% usage surcharge.

We also ask that you inform us of any 

food allergies when registering.

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Student Information

 Student Information:

When you register please put down that you will be attending the ordination
You need to bring a stole - if you would like a stole made for you personally feel free to contact Rev. Marilyn Dion at Marilyn is one of our ministers. 
You are allowed to bring guests, there is an additional fee of $ 35.00 per guest. The guest limit will be advised at a later date - we do have capacity issues at the venue. 
Please note - students are not required to volunteer, this is YOUR special day! 

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