There is One Power in the Universe – Divine Spirit (God).

By this we express our belief in a supreme Impersonal Power, everywhere present, manifesting as life, through all forms of organized matter, called by some God, by others Spirit. Though this power is impersonal, our understanding can only be gained by our personal perception of the creative force.

Universal Power is present in All Humans and all there is. We express our belief in all parts of the universe which in Spirit, and that all forms of life are manifestations of Spirit or Infinite Intelligence, and thus, we are all children of God.

We can use this Universal Power to manifest good things in our lives.

Since we have been given all things by God, we can have all things. Whether we choose to accept them is our choice. We must let our ego get out of the way and let the Universal Power who answers all, lay down in front of us our wants. 

We have to be careful with our thoughts, which are self-fulfilling, and keep in mind what is really important versus fanciful or we might accept what we don’t want. Allow the happiness and prosperity to come in to us.

We have been given Free Will - therefore we create our own Heaven or our own Hell right here on earth by Positive or Negative thinking. By that token, Individuals are responsible for the welfare of the world in which they live; either for its welfare or its misery, for its happiness or unhappiness, and if we are to obtain heaven upon earth, we learn to make that heaven, for ourselves and for others. 

Individuals are responsible for their own spiritual growth and welfare. Errors and wrongdoing must be outgrown and overcome. Virtue and love of good must take their place. Spiritual growth and advancement must be attained by aspiration and personal striving. Individuals must bear their own burdens in overcoming wrong doings and replace them with right actions.

We are loved by the Universal Power with an Unconditional Love. We are truly loved. A natural life, where the opportunities for growth and progress to better, higher and more spiritual conditions are open to all, even as they are here on the earth plane of life. 

We accept no such teaching as HellFire but we do teach that transgression of Natural Law and wrongdoing will necessarily bring remorse and suffering that would be difficult o describe in words and which can only be relieved by the individual's own efforts, if not here, then in the hereafter. 

If we make our own lives better while here and that of our neighbours happier, we shall unfold that happiness of Heaven on Earth which shall carry with us into the Spirit world. There is no one that is left behind. When we open our arms and except the love, we are truly loved. No questions asked. The Infinite Spirit does not turn us away, we do.

Loving the Universal Power in everyone else does not mean we approve of what they do. Remember we are not responsible for others actions - just our own. When we see something in someone else we do not like, take a look at yourself. There could be a connection. Loving the God-Within someone does not mean that we approve of their doings. 

We all have lessons here to learn. Some may very be to never to hurt someone or something. Watching the actions of others of others may keep us on our path. The God-Within is not causing the problem as we see it, it’s the free will of another. Please remember, they are also on a path that we may not understand and that’s ok. Send love to them.

Forgiveness is for ourselves and does not mean we agree with the person we forgive. Forgiveness is harder for us than loving everyone. We can walk around with love in our heart but when it comes to someone doing us wrong, we turn away very quickly. 

What we are doing is holding on to the pain of actions. It is not healthy, but destructive. We may think that the person who hurt us has no feeling of guilt, but they do. Letting go and forgiving sets us free. It does not mean we need to sit down and have tea with the individual, but to understand that they may not have known what they were doing as they are dealing with their own demons, or negativities.

Releasing all negatives sets us free.

Holding on to food that has gone bad will not change the fact that the food is bad and old and we discard it without thought. But what about what we DO hold onto? The torments, the anger, the tears ... let them go. They are not doing you any good and it's time to release them. 

Remember the times when you held on to anger for a long time and when you finally got a handle on it, things just did not seem that bad. It almost makes you laugh now. Once you release the joy that will fill your very soul will grow and send out rays of light to all around you. 

You will find the peace that has been buried by you deep inside. Try it,. You'll be pleasantly surprised.