Rev. Rita's path


What does my background say about me? Where do I start? 

I am a mid-50 year old woman who was raised in a strong Catholic home. We were taught that God loved us, but would also condemn. That byitself is scary. I spent a great deal of my time when growing up asking a lot of questions concerning this. How could God, love and hate us at the same time? It did not make much sense to me.

I also felt the presence of spirit around me all the while not understanding what spirit was. It would take me many years to really understand the truths, my truth. This I feel is the road of hard knocks.

Through out my life, I have met some very interesting people that have tried to tell me that, “this way is right”, “no this way is right” and “don’t be thinking that way”. I tried learning as much as I could on different subjects concerning spirit which included different religious beliefs. 

I attended different churches and spoke with different men and woman "of the cloth" so to speak. I knew in my heart there was something different out there that would sit right with me.

I took many different courses, such as parapsychology, psychic development, religious studies and more. 

I completed the certification and registration to receive my spiritual healing course through the Ontario Healers Network. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and practice different types of alternative healing but when I came across the Metaphysical University in 2004, there was something about it that caught my eye. 

It felt good. It embraced all beliefs stating that there was no one right religion, but that each exists to serve whatever level of spiritual evolution its leaders and followers have attained ... that the findings of spiritual truth begins with intuitive recognition of the intellectual reality of spiritual truths - but is only an individualized reality when mystically accepted and experience as the first priority of one’s life .... that the positives of the human spirit should be emphasized by religion, rather than dwelling on and making a religiously sanctioned life style out of the negative. 

This is what drew me to it. I could continue my belief in spirit, my love in Father/Mother God, and my acceptation of all.

I will say that when I first started taking the course, the Ministry was not my calling. Learning more was, but as I studied further, there was something pulling at me. I wanted to help people understand that it’s OK to believe in something different. It’s OK to ask questions about things you did not understand. I have spent my whole life asking questions.

When I took my oath as a Metaphysical Minister, I knew it meant more to me than passing a test. It meant I could continue on my path of learning about Universal Spirit, helping, teaching, and most of all, being able to embrace spirit. Being true to spirit.

I am a firm believer in taking what you need from different walks of life and leaving the rest. When I first put my Centre together, I could have called it a church, but choose not to. So many people today seem to  almost be afraid of the word. I wanted people to feel welcome coming and being able to talk about their feelings openly.

So what does Metaphysics mean to me?  Now remember, this is my belief and may not be yours but that's OK. Metaphysics means I can open any door that feels right for me. I can embrace all religions, all aspects of nature, all aspects of spirit and all aspects of life.  I can teach people that spirit does exist. That we never die. Just our body leaves us not our soul.  We are just a continuation of God, the Universe, The Creator.

On March 2nd, 2009 the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth became recognized as a Religious Body for the Purpose of Solemnizing Marriages in the Province of Ontario.   I now hold my Licence for Marriage through the Centre. For anyone interested in the becoming a Minister with us, we have have classes starting every September.

My Metaphysical belief’s remain the same as does my passion for the Creator.


Certificate of Completion as an ordained Metaphysical Minister
with the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth

Practitioners Diploma With the International Metaphysical Ministry

Registered Spiritual Healer with the Ontario Healers Network

Quantum-Touch Video Instructor

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher

Natural Health Consultant Program and Astrology/Parapsychology Program with SCI - Metamorphic Technique

Psychic Counsellor With Stonebridge Associated Colleges

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science With the University of Metaphysics

Ontario Representative of the University of Metaphysics